The role of grounding ring of electromagnetic flow meter
The grounding ring is in direct contact with the medium through the grounding electrode, and then grounded to flange through the grounding ring to achieve equipotential with the ground to eliminate interference.
Electromagnetic flow meter flow velocity range
0.1-15m/s, suggest velocity range is 0.5-15m/s to ensure good accuracy.
Electromagnetic flow meter conductivity request
More than 5μs/cm, suggest conductivity is more than 20μs/cm.
How to resolve inaccurate flow of Electromagnetic Flow Meters?
If the Electromagnetic Flow Meter is showing inaccurate flow, the user is should check following conditions before contacting factory. 1), Check if the liquid is full pipe; 2) Check conditions of signal lines; 3), Modify sensor parameters and zero-point to the values shown on label.
If the error persists, users should contact factory to make proper arrangements for the meter.
How to resolve Excitation Mode Alarm of Electromagnetic Flow Meters?
When the Electromagnetic Flow Meter shows Excitation Alarm, the user is encouraged to check; 1) whether EX1 and EX2 are open circuit; 2), whether the total sensor excitation coil resistance is less than 150 OHM. Users are recommended to contact factory for assistance if excitation alarm goes off.
Why are my Electromagnetic Flow Meter not displaying properly?
In the case of meter showing no display, the user should first check 1) whether the power is on; 2) Check the condition of the fuses; 3) Check if supply power voltage meet requirements. If the error persists, Please contact factory for assistance.
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