How many connections types of turbine?
Turbine has various connection types for choosing,like Flange type,Sanitary type or Screw type,ect.
How many output of turbine flowmter?
For turbine transmitter without LCD,it has 4-20mA or pulse output;For LCD display,4-20mA/Pulse/RS485 are selectable.
Can gas turbine flow meter be used for coal gas flow measurement?
Gas turbine flow meter is mainly used for the flow measurement of natural gas, coal gas, air, N2, O2, H2 and other single phase gases which are dry and clean. Especially a good choice for the custody transfer of natural gas.
What are the outputs available for gas turbine flow meter?
Available outputs are 4-20mA and pulse. Communication of RS485 or HART can be available too.
Advantage of Gas Turbine Flow Meter
Gas turbine flow meter with automatic temperature & pressure compensation which can ensure high accuracy with low pressure loss and wide flow ratio.
What’s the accuracy of gas turbine flow meter ?
Gas turbine flow meter is a high accuracy type flow meter for gas flow measurement which is widely used for custody transfer of natural gas. It can achieve 1.5% or 1.0% accuracy with good repeatability.
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