What are the media that can be measured by ultrasonic flowmeter?
The medium can be water,sea water,kerosene,gasoline,fuel oil,crude oil,diesel oil,caster oil,alcohol,hot water at 125°C.
Does a ultrasonic flowmeter require a minimum upstream straight pipe length?
The pipeline where the sensor is installed should have a long straight pipe section, the more length, the better, generally 10 times the pipe diameter in the upstream, 5 times the pipe diameter in the downstream, and 30 times the pipe diameter from the pump outlet, while ensuring that the liquid in this section of the pipeline is full.
Can I use a ultrasonic flowmeter with particulates?
Medium turbidity must be less than 20000ppm and with less air bubbles.
What’s the accuracy of ultrasonic flowmeter?
Ultrasonic flowmeter clamp on transducer’s accuracy is 1.0%, insertion type ultrasonic flowmeter is better than 1.0%.
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