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Partial Filled Electromagnetic Flow Meter

In Oct. 2019, one of our customer in Kazakhstan, installed their partially filled pipe flow meter for testing. Our engineer went to KZ to help their installation.

The working condition as below:
Pipe: φ200, Max. flow: 80 m3/h, Min. flow: 10 m3/h, working pressure: 10bar, working temperature: normal temperature.

At first, we test the flow rate and total flow. We use a big tank to receive the outlet water then weigh it. After 5 minutes, the water in tank is 4.17t and the total flow in flow meter shows 4.23t.
Its accuracy is much more better than 2.5%.

Then, we test its outputs. We use PLC to receive its outputs include 4-20mA, pulse and RS485. The result is the output signal can work very well in this condition.

Finally, we test its reverse flow. Its reverse flow measurement also has very good performance. Accuracy is much more better than 2.5%, too, we use the water tank to test reverse flow rate and total flow.

Customer was very satisfied with this flow meter, so do our engineer.
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