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Application of Radar Level Meter in Metallurgical Industry

In the metallurgy industry, the accurate and stable performance of measuring instruments is critical to the safe and stable operation on the plant. 
Because of a lot of dust produced, vibration, high temperature and humidity  on the steel plant, the working environment of the instrument is severe; So it is more difficult to ensure the long-term accuracy and reliability of measurement data. In this case of level measurement on the Iron and Steel plant, due to the complex operating conditions, large dust, high temperature, and large range, we used our 26G radar level meter.
The solid type 26G radar level gauge is a non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution; almost unaffected by water vapor, temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere; shorter wavelength, better reflection on inclined solid surfaces; small beam angle and concentrated energy, which enhances the echo capability and at the same time helps avoid interference. Compared with low-frequency radar level meters, its blind area is smaller, and good results can be obtained for even small tank measurement; High signal-to-noise ratio, better performance can be obtained even in the case of fluctuations; 
So high frequency is the best choice for measuring solid and low dielectric constant media. It is suitable for storage containers or process containers, and solids with complex process conditions, such as: coal powder, lime, ferrosilicon, mineral materials and other solid particles, blocks and ash silos.

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