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What media thermal gas mass flow meter could measure?
Except acetylene and humid gas,thermal gas mass flow meter could measure various gases.
Thermal gas mass flow meter unit
Client could choose the flow unit according to using site.Such as Nm3,M3,Kg.
Why the totalizer total flow is different with the vortex flow meter display?
(1) Wiring is correct or not
(2)Vortex flow meter setting is the same with the totalizer (secondary instrument) or not.
(3)Pulse output need check pulse k factor and pulse unit.
Why there is no flow indication after install and power on the vortex flow meter?
(1) There is no flow or flow in the pipeline, and there is no vortex inside the sensor.
(2) Sensor detection sensitivity is too low
(3) There is debris between the probe and the inner wall of the pipe.
How to distinguish saturated steam and superheated steam?
steam from boiler usually are saturated steam, steam from power plant usually are superheated steam.
What kind of medium vortex flow meter could measure?
Vortex flow meter could measure steam, any gas, liquid or light oil etc, it works as universal instrument, but measuring steam is the best choice.
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